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Do I Need Surgery or Can I Do Physical Therapy as a Cure to Back Pain?

Posted April 18, 2014

Dr. John Milani

Suffering from severe back pain makes it difficult for people to function fully and enjoy life. There are a number of short-term methods that can help you deal with the pain and feel better for a short time. However, if you want a long-term fix, you will need to consider either physical therapy or surgery.


If you have severe and long-lasting back pain, you may need to consider surgery. To determine if surgery is a valid option, you should visit an orthopedic specialist who can help you review your options. Using the latest research and machines, a doctor can look at your health situation and choose the best course of action. The surgeon can look at a few key factors such as your age, health, cause of the injury and the level of pain you suffer. With minimally invasive surgical procedures, a qualified orthopedic surgeon can help fix your problem and alleviate your pain.

Physical therapy

People suffer from back pain when they are overweight, do not play a sport properly or have poor posture. Others wear ill-fitting shoes or do not ride their bike correctly. Over time, this can cause problems and can lead to chronic and acute back pain. To manage the chronic pain, you can try some techniques to see if they offer relief, such as learning to stretch properly, take medication or place a hot pad on your back. You can also learn how to play sports correctly, work on correcting your posture and buy the right shoes that allow you to walk properly. For acute conditions, it is often an uphill battle as you will need to talk to a professional who can help reduce your back pain. To find the cause and help alleviate the pain, you can consider trying physical therapy. If you visit a therapist, you can work with him or her and often rid yourself of the pain without surgery. Physical therapy is effective if you have minor pains that have not persisted for a long time.

If you have constant pain, you may need to consider surgery. With surgery, you may be able to fix the problem permanently, but you will likely require some physical therapy after the surgery to fully regain movement with no pain. If you opt for other approaches such as medicine or therapy, you may not fix the underlying cause. If you decide surgery is the right option, you should contact Dr. John Milani as he can work with you and develop a treatment plan. When working with a qualified surgeon, you will resolve the issue as the doctor works to correct your back and spine condition.

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