Second Opinion Consultation

Second Surgical Opinion

Spinal surgery is clearly an important procedure and a second opinion can be helpful to many patients considering that possibility. Patients are encouraged to take an active part in their treatment. Many spine surgeries are elective in nature and depend upon the patient’s pain level and function. Obtaining another opinion is often a way of helping a patient to feel more comfortable in their surgical choice and may also bring up another approach to their problem that they may choose to consider. Seeking advice from another spine expert is encouraged for all patients. John C. Milani M.D. is happy to perform second opinion visits for patients and will review all the available study results as well as the patient’s particular problems and physical findings. A full report is made electronically and the patient can receive a copy of the report the same day in many cases.

Medical Record Review

Similar to a second opinion consultation, a medical record review gives an expert physician the ability to study available information and form some opinions about diagnosis and possible treatments. By performing a through review of history, physical findings and study results (such as MRI, CT scan, and injection results), a diagnosis and treatment plan may be formulated. While a medical record review can be very useful, it does not always replace a true second opinion office visit. John C. Milani M.D. can perform medical record reviews upon request and further information can be obtained by contacting his office here.