Workman's Compensation Evaluation

John C. Milani M.D. frequently sees patients with work-related injuries. He specializes in work injuries including evaluation, treatment, approval process and other aspects of these injuries. These injuries can be associated with Texas Workers Compensation, Federal Workers Compensation or other types of coverage such as work injuries that occur out of Texas.

Dr. Milani’s goal is to use treatments approved by the various workers agencies that result in the best possible outcome and as rapid a return to work as possible. Reaching maximal medical improvement (MMI) with a more functional status and with less discomfort is possible with many of these injuries. However, a spine surgeon who treats workers’ injuries must be very familiar with the various work systems in place and must see this type of patient frequently in the practice. If you’d like to read more about Dr. Milani’s approach to workman’s comp patients, you can click here. Dr. Milani has seen work injury patients for many years and he and his office are extremely familiar with the guidelines and rules that are necessary to know for good results. Click here to request an appointment online or call our office at 972-438-4636.